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In Wing Nuts, each player builds their own squadron to battle against your opponent for domination for the sky of WWII with iconic planes and upgrades.


In Wing Nuts, each player builds their own squadron to battle against their opponent. Then, they take turns attacking with special abilities while attacking, and using special abilities, traits, and upgrades to defend. The last plane squadron standing wins.

WWII Themed

Fight with iconic planes like the nimble spitfire and the roaring Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber.

Full of strategy

Use upgrades like rockets and repair to give you an edge in the battle

Realistic Traits

Planes traits are based off their real abilities in combat.

Use special abilities

Each plane has unique abilities that are based off of what they really had in WWII.

  • The Ace & Bulldog cards add their attack value to your regular attack value. Their abilities cannot be used in combination with special abilities such as sneak or in combination with other upgrade cards.

  • The Rockets upgrade card allows the player to roll three attack dice when using the card with the plane it is equipped to. The dice have to be within that plane's stated attack value to be successful. The card cannot be utilized with any special abilities or any other upgrades.

  • The Siren special ability cannot be used against barrage balloons.

If you have any questions concerning the rules in any of your games, just contact us and we will make sure to get back to you.

Rule Revisions

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